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Tiny Land

Tiny Land® Wooden Alphabet Blocks

Tiny Land® Wooden Alphabet Blocks

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Craft the Alphabet Adventure with Beechwood Blocks!

Introduce your little ones to the ABCs of play with our deluxe set of Beechwood Alphabet Blocks. This 16-piece set isn't just for spelling—it's a foundation for educational fun! Arrange them to spell out "LOVE", "FUN", and "PLAY" – words that embody the joy of childhood.

They make adorable decorative elements for your little one's space. And if you're looking for a heartfelt baby shower gift, this set celebrates new beginnings with style and substance.

Product Features:

  • Sustainably Sourced Beechwood: Crafted from premium beechwood for a touch of natural charm.
  • Educationally Enriching: 16 pieces with unique letters on all sides for endless word creation, enhancing children's cognitive skills. Smart fun in every block!
  • Perfectly Sized for Little Hands: With 1.5-inch edge-rounded cubic blocks, little learners can easily grasp, stack, and build without a hitch.
  • Safe for Playtime: Coated in non-toxic, water-based paint, ensuring playtime stays safe, natural, and far from harmful chemicals.
  • Endless Hours of Fun: From stacking to counting, these blocks encourage early learning, fine motor skills, and many joyous giggles.


  • Each Block Dimension:1.5*1.5*1.5 in
  • Product Weight: 2.2lbs

Package List:

  • Wooden Alphabet Blocks*16
  • Blocks Box*1
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