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Tiny Land

Tiny Land® Thick Padded Play Cushion - Arch Not Included

Tiny Land® Thick Padded Play Cushion - Arch Not Included

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Enhanced Thick Padded Soft Play Cushion with Corner Ties – Now Available!

Great news! Our best-selling Thick Padded Cushion has been upgraded for superior comfort and convenience. And the best part? It's now back in stock and ready for purchase! Enhance your child’s play space today with this amazing product.

  • Extra Fluffiness: Enhanced cushioning for unparalleled softness.
  • Eco-Friendly Materials: Better for your baby, better for the planet.
  • New Corner Ties: No more bunching or shifting – the insert stays perfectly in place.

Create a Luxurious and Comfortable Play Space
Our generously sized playmat, ideal for children of all ages, offers endless fun and safety for activities ranging from tummy time to imaginative play.


High-Quality, Non-Toxic Materials: The cover sheet is made of 100% cotton, and the inner fillings are polyester, free of toxic chemicals, ensuring a soft and cozy surface for your child.
Extra-Thick Padding: Provides excellent cushioning, protecting your child from hard or cold surfaces.
Easy to Clean: Ideal for busy parents. Please note, the initial batch had incorrect laundry symbols advising "do not wash." We clarify that this playmat is washable and recommend cleaning it with water below 100 ℉. This symbol has been corrected in all subsequent batches.

Its versatile design allows for indoor and outdoor use, making it a perfect addition to your child's playroom, nursery, or backyard. The Tiny Land® Thick Padded Play Cushion is an excellent gift for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion, promoting your child's physical and cognitive development.

Invest in your child's happiness and well-being with the Tiny Land® Thick Padded Playmat for Kids. Order now and create a cozy, safe, stimulating play environment for your little ones!

Size in inches: 47.25 (L) x 23.62 (W) x 3.74 (H)

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