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Tiny Land

Tiny Land® Ocean Ball - 200 pcs with Varied Colors

Tiny Land® Ocean Ball - 200 pcs with Varied Colors

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Welcome to the delightful world of Tiny Land® Ocean Balls with Varied Colors - a perfect blend of white, milk-tea, and brown hues that create a soothing and inviting play experience. These 200 exquisite balls are designed to fill your child's ball pit, play tunnel, or kiddie pool with elegance and charm.

Safety is at the heart of our design, as each ball is phthalate-free, BPA-free, and non-toxic, ensuring a worry-free playtime for even the tiniest explorers.

More than just playthings, these balls are a symbol of joy and imagination. They transform ordinary play spaces into extraordinary adventures, offering a treasure trove of possibilities. Whether used to enhance a sandbox or to bring life to a pillow fort, these balls are the ticket to endless amusement.

Crafted for indoor and outdoor escapades, these Ocean Balls are versatile, durable, and ready to spark creativity. Dive into a world filled with laughter, play, and boundless excitement. Order your set now, and let the magic of Tiny Land® Ocean Ball - 200 pcs with Varied Colors elevate your playtime!

Ball Dimension:

Diameter: 67.5 mm or 2.65 inch

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