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Tiny Land

Tiny Land® Children's Back Cushions

Tiny Land® Children's Back Cushions

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Welcome to the Comfort Nook, where every lean is a step towards relaxation! Introducing Tiny Land® Children's Back Cushions—your child's ultimate sanctuary of coziness. Transform your child’s bed from ordinary to extraordinary with a cushioned embrace!

Do you have a young bookworm who loves to read in bed? Or a little daydreamer who likes gazing out the window while snugly leaning. Our Children's Back Cushions offer perfect support for those quiet leisure moments.

Skillfully crafted with premium, breathable fabrics, these cushions are brimming with plush padding for maximum comfort. Imagine leaning on a cloud—that's the comfort we aim to deliver! Firm enough to offer adequate back support, yet soft enough to provide a huggable experience.

But comfort isn't our only forte! As a blend of form and function, these back cushions are available in various enchanting colors and patterns. They’re designed to complement any room’s aesthetic, turning your child’s sleeping space into a wow-worthy retreat.

Installation? As easy as a bedtime story. Our back cushions come with simple ties, ensuring they stay secure and in place, even during those restless nights or daytime lounging sessions.

Tiny Land® Children's Back Cushions: Because every child deserves a cozy corner to lean on. Perfect for gift-givers, parents, or anyone looking to elevate their child's comfort game.

  • Product Dimensions: All four pads are connected. The total length is about 47.6 inches. As for the heights of each bumper, they are approximately 19.7 inches, 18.1 inches, 18.1 inches, and 15.9 inches. And the thickness of the product is 1.97 inches
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