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Tiny Land

Tiny LandĀ® Stepping Stones - Vintage Color

Tiny LandĀ® Stepping Stones - Vintage Color

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Ready for a vibrant jump into joy? Our Children's Balance Stepping Stones Set - Vintage Color turns any space into an exhilarating challenge course. šŸŒˆ

Colorful Coordination:Ā Dive into a kaleidoscope of play with these multi-hued stones that encourage active fun and imaginative play.

Stable & Secure:Ā Designed with a non-slip rubber base and textured surface, each step is a safe journey through your child's make-believe world.

Durably Dynamic:Ā Though lightweight and easy to set up, these stones can hold up to 220 pounds, welcoming the whole family to join in.

Development Delight:Ā Enhance your little oneā€™s balance, coordination, and motor skills with each entertaining leap and bound.

Memory Making:Ā These aren't just toys; theyā€™re companions in your child's growth, capturing joyful moments of progress and play.

Transform your home into a landscape of fun and learning with our Stepping Stones Set. Here's to countless moments of discovery and development! šŸš€šŸƒ

Product Dimensions:

  • Top Cover: 7*7*1.9 in
  • Level 4: 9.4*9.4*2.3 in
  • Level 3: 11.2*11.2*3.1 in
  • Level 2: 12*12*3.3 in
  • Bottom Stone: 12.7*12.7*3.5 in

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